Golden Rule Services Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are a group of qualified individuals dedicated to supporting the work of Golden Rule Services and providing mission-based leadership and strategic governance.  Our board reflects the demographic profiles of the target populations that the organization serves.  Their responsibilities include determining the organization’s mission and purpose, selecting a qualified Executive Director, supporting the Executive and reviewing his/her performance, ensuring effective organizational planning, ensuring adequate responses, effective resource management, determining and monitoring the organization’s programs and resources, enhancing the organization’s public image, and serving as a court of appeal, and assessing its performance.

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Current Board of Directors

Michael Misha Kennedy, BFA, CNA, CMA, OPSII

President – Golden Rule Services

Michael Kennedy was born in San Bernardino CA and lives in Sacramento since 2002. He is the Owner and Director of Kennedy Gallery in Midtown; the heart of the second Saturday monthly art walk. Mr. Kennedy is a longtime community activist and philanthropist who believes in paying it forward. He has over the years raised over one million dollars for local charities such as Golden Rule Services, the Native American Health Center, CGNIE, Matthew Sheppard Foundation, the Jose Sarria International Scholarship Fund to name but a few. Mr. Kennedy has been a tireless champion for the community for outreach and prevention work in the HIV Community in Eugene, Portland and Sacramento. In the past he has been both an Outreach / Prevention Specialist and MSM Director of Services. He is a renowned award winning international artist who continues through his gallery to provide Minority Communities with an equal platform and voice in the Arts to share their stories and culture.

William Green III, MSW

Vice-President – Golden Rule Services
William Green III earned a Bachelor of Arts from San Jose State University with honors, and achieved an MSW (Masters in Social Work) from California State University Sacramento. He works with SAPA (Sacramento Alliance to Prevent AIDS) and is chairperson of their Faith-Based subcommittee formed to engage and support the Faith Community’s efforts against the HIV/AIDS pandemic. He is also a member of the Sacramento County HIV Services Planning Council helping the infected community efficiently obtain access to health and social services. He is an HIV Counselor II certified by the CA Office of AIDS, a certified Hepatitis C educator/tester, and Treasurer of the HCV Hepatitis C Virus Task Force in Sacramento, CA. In 2009, William founded MARPAY, INC., a faith-based nonprofit to increase community awareness of HIV/AIDS by providing pastoral training and ministry building to help churches educate and support their congregations and the communities in which they serve.

Matthew Burlingame-Couk

Secretary - Golden Rule Services

Matthew Burlingame-Couk is an award-winning journalist and playwright. He has spent over 20 years working with LGBTQ nonprofits and is a founding member of Sacramento’s Lavender Library, Archives and Cultural Exchange. He has served on numerous theater boards, including Sacramento City Theater, and was a board member for the Sacramento Gender Assoc. He is a nationally published journalist and has been the co-founder and/or Editor for over five Sacramento publications. He was also an LGBTQ radio talk show host, co-hosted a groundbreaking MSM focused sexual education podcast that was number one in seven countries, and is a Vicar (Reverend) of the Universal Life Church, focusing on pagan spirituality.

James Douglas

Interim Treasurer – Golden Rule Services

James Douglas became a volunteer for Golden Rule Services in 2008. Because of years of demonstrated dedication and commitment to the organization, he was elevated to board member in 2013.  Since then he has helped raise over $100,000.

George Raya

Member-At-Large – Golden Rule Services

George Raya is native of Sacramento, Mr. Raya is is a retired Sacramento County employee with a Bachelors degree in Political Science and a Juris Doctorate from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. A long-time Latino LGBT community activist who has served on many boards, he helped organize Sacramento’s first openly LGBT organization, the Society for Homosexual Freedom and lobbied passage of the Willie Brown Consenting Adult Law, decriminalizing sex between consenting adults. In 1987 in San Francisco, he helped to co-found the Latino AIDS Project to provide HIV/AIDS prevention services to non-English speakers.

Kendall Bennett

Member-At-Large – Golden Rule Services

Kendall Bennett is an attorney who has lived in South Sacramento for the last
45+ years. Ms. Bennett is an advocate for members of communities who have
limited access to legal services. She has represented people who were victims of financial elder abuse in civil litigation, and families create estate plans. She has also successfully advocated for clients at government agency hearings and has
represented clients who were unhoused in applications for public benefits and
petitions for record expungement. Law is her second career. Her first career was in banking and mortgage for 10+. She was a team leader at a major mortgage lender.

Golden Rule Services Staff

Clarmundo Sullivan

Founder & Executive Director

NeGel Robinson

HIV Test Counselor
PrEP Navigator

Mitchell Faust

HIV Test Counselor
PrEP Navigator

William Rhodes, B.S.W.

Ryan White
Non-Medical Case Manager

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