This employee will work as assigned to coordinate and staff the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-exposure Prophylaxis Navigator (PEP) position.

I. Introduction

This employee will work a minimum of 30 hours per week as assigned to coordinate and staff the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-exposure Prophylaxis Navigator (PEP) position. The office is located at 4433 Florin Road, Suite 860, Sacramento, CA and the job involves travel throughout the Sacramento region, including street outreach work. This worker will be assigned to working on the combined outreach activities of all Golden Rule Services programs.

The job requires travel and direct work with clients who may use drugs, have a mental illness or other chronic difficulties. The job requires a background search for criminal arrests and convictions. A criminal record does not necessarily disqualify an applicant, each case will be considered on its own merits. A safe driving record is a must.

The job responsibilities include lifting, cleaning, walking up to a mile several times a day, climbing stairs and being comfortable in street settings throughout the community where the program’s clients may live.  This staff person may drive a recreational vehicle to and from sites around the area and perform fueling and routine minor maintenance for the vehicle. This employee may also be asked to use their own vehicle for travel.

Duties will include risk assessment, client counseling, and referrals to other services in the community. Gloves, sharps containers and sanitary products will be provided for this purpose. This employee must have a valid CA driver’s license and current insurance and registration for their personal vehicle. Travel may require the use of the employee’s vehicle, and mileage costs will be reimbursed.

Golden Rule Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer that follows all required guidelines for fairness and non-discrimination in employment.

II. Job Description

This employee will provide intensive care coordination, support, and services to HIV negative priority population who require assistance in accessing and remaining in PrEP care. Additionally, assessing client’s eligibility, readiness to incorporate PrEP into their lifestyle, identify barriers/obstacles to adherence, and provide clients with necessary support services. This individual will implement a client-centered approach with individuals to assist PrEP clients with services such as, but not limited to, health insurance enrollment, PrEP provider identification, appointment scheduling, management of clinical costs, appointment reminders, education on the benefits of PrEP and ongoing maintenance.

This employee will conduct outreach (traditional/face-to-face in the community and internet-based) to priority populations including African American/LatinX individuals, LGBTQIA+, and people who inject drugs in Sacramento County, as well as their sexual partners regardless of race and ethnicity.

1. Responsibilities

The employee will perform all of the following tasks:

  • Work with HIV Counselors and other providers to identify potential PrEP/PEP clients and those in need of PrEP/PEP navigation services.
  • Provide support to HIV negative individuals who are interested in starting PrEP/PEP and those already utilizing PrEP/PEP care.
    • Complete screenings to identify readiness for PrEP/PEP and other barriers to care. Work with client to identify position solutions.
    • Provide PrEP/PEP education, adherence strategies, and counseling.
    • Effectively collaborate with all individuals involved in PrEP/PEP care and program delivery for the purposes of supporting high-quality PrEP/PEP programming.
    • Make referrals for external services needed to support PrEP/PEP care and follow up to ensure service delivery.
    • Provide ongoing follow up to ensure PrEP/PEP adherence.
    • In some cases, provide transportation to and from PrEP/PEP appointments.
    • Provide support to newly diagnosed individuals who are interested in HIV care and treatment
  • Communicate effectively with clients for appointments and follow-up on referrals through culturally competent and trauma-informed approaches.
  • Conduct weekly and quarterly reports, perform data entry and provide monthly documented client follow-ups
  • Maintain accurate and current process, procedural, and program, and inventory logs
  • Adhere to strict procedures of confidentiality, the release of information and data security.
  • Conduct weekly outreach to priority populations including African American/LatinX individuals, LGBTQIA+, and people who inject drugs in Sacramento County.
  • Engage diverse individuals in their own neighborhoods or venues where they typically congregate to provide HIV related health information, PEP/PrEP education, referrals and linkage to services.
  • Establish working relationships with appropriate community resources in the area, including those providing mental health and social services to the priority populations.
  • Any and all other duties assigned by your supervisor(s).

2. Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree (preferred)
  • Current knowledge of PEP/PrEP medication, HIV/AIDS/STD/HCV prevention, outreach, and health promotion strategies.
  • Experience and knowledge of the culture and environmental issues significant to:
    • people of color
    • immigrants
    • high-risk youth
    • low-income families
    • people who inject drugs and other high-risk drug users
    • individuals involved with the criminal justice system
    • homeless and under-housed
    • people with chronic severe illness
    • mental health patients
  • Experience and knowledge involving community services, eligibility work, referral development, and client advocacy.
  • Effective communication ability in Spanish (preferred)
  • Computer skills using Microsoft software applications (e.g. Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint,
  • social media apps).
  • Skills in data-entry & file organization.
  • Excellent written and verbal interpersonal communication skills
  • Organizational abilities, critical thinking skills, and logic and analytical ability.
  • Ability to work hands-on with limited resources, independently or in a team setting.
  • A valid driver’s license with a dependable vehicle with current automobile insurance, registration, and a clean driving record.

3. Compensation

The hourly wage for this position is commensurate with one’s employment and educational experience


III. How to Apply

People of Color and LGBTQIA+ are strongly encouraged to apply. All qualified applicants are encouraged to email a cover letter and their current that reflects any relevant experiences and skills to clarmundos4grs@aol.com.

Please type “Application: [Insert Job Title]” under the Subject. Once this information is received, candidates will meet with Clarmundo Sullivan, CEO, and founder of GRS, for a preliminary interview to discuss available opportunities and answer any questions.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Sullivan at (916) 427-4653.

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To apply for this job email your details to clarmundos4grs@aol.com